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Shipping by van

Shipping by van Request for quotation

For smaller loads, this is the fastest and most effective shipping tool, to which there is no driving time prescribed. On international roads, the regulations limiting the speed of a van are less strict than in the case of trucks.

Our closed vans:

  • suitable for transporting 4-8 pallets of goods,
  • have a cargo capacity of 1.5 tons,
  • have a cargo space of 20-25 cubic meters,
  • the maximum height of transportable goods is 2.4 metres.


Shipping by small truck

Shipping by small truck Request for quotation

It has a larger loading area than a van, making it a practical choice for heavier and bulkier goods.

It is important to note that in this case driving time is limited by law.

We work with two types of small trucks:

  1. small box truck - can only be loaded through the tailgate;
  2. tarpaulin-covered – which can also be loaded from the side.

Transport by small truck:

  • Shipping 16-19 pallets;
  • its payload can be up to 3.2-3.5 tons;
  • the maximum weight of the vehicle may not exceed 7.5 tonnes.


Semi-tractor-trailer truck

Semi-tractor-trailer truck

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This is the most common type of truck, in particular among vehicles with a total weight of forty tons. Shipping is slower but safer as driving the vehicle is subject to more limitations.

The vehicle also consists of two parts, but the tractor does not have its own loading surface.

You have two choices:

  • a tarpaulin version:

> can be craned

> can carry up to 34 pallets, i.e. 24-25 tons of goods;

  • a box vehicle


Your dangerous cargo will reach its destination without any problems! We undertake the transport of dangerous goods according to ADR, goods that are difficult to secure, are oversized or overweight! Next


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Combination vehicle, tandem truck

Specifically suitable for transporting large quantities of goods, this truck can carry the higher number of pallets (up to 39). Depending on the type, its total weight can be up to 40 tons when loaded. Favourable freight rates in terms of quantity make it a great choice for shipping abroad.

Driver driving time is limited.

Characteristics of a combination vehicle:

  • tarpaulin and box versions are also available,
  • its total (loaded) weight can range from 7.5 to 40 t
  • its length and height may vary depending on the type of vehicle
  • a reliable choice for heavy-duty, overweight cargo.

Refrigerated transport

If you are shipping abroad and have goods that require continuous refrigeration, it is very important to guarantee proper refrigeration conditions during the transport. After all, you wouldn’t either want damaged products to come out of the vehicle by the time the load reaches its destination.  

We guarantee the safe transport of goods with careful attention, reliable transport organisation and experienced drivers.

We undertake:

  • the safe transportation of goods that are temperature sensitive: require cooling or heating,
  • goods that require moderate temperatures,
  • frozen goods

no matter how far away the destination - we provide an ideal temperature for the shipment. 

Transport of dangerous goods

In the case of international transport and forwarding, products made of hazardous materials often have to be transported abroad safely.

We are not afraid of hazardous materials. We undertake the reliable and precise delivery of these products. If we clarify in advance exactly what we are facing, we can easily ensure the conditions needed for the shipment to reach its destination easily and safely.

Be it:

  • the shipping of goods that are difficult to fix
  • oversized
  • overweight
  • flammable and
  • incendiary.

Area specific shipping


Balkan shipping

Do you need to ship to Turkey, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria?

Contact us with confidence in Balkan shipping!



Benelux deliveries

Variola Sped also feels at home when shipping to Belgium, the Netherlands or Luxembourg!




Deliveries to Czech Republic

As a specialist in the V4 countries, we ensure problem-free deliveries throughout the Czech Republic!

















Shipping to Poland

We look forward to your inquiry regarding shipping to Poland, in order to apply the decades of our experience!



Shipping to Turkey

Variola Sped also ensures smooth deliveries to the entire territory of Turkey! 



Shipping to Italy

With Variola, the West is not far either. We also offer fast, safe delivery to Italy!



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